Whether it’s a single Vineyard with a tasting room, or multiple locations the Korona Enterprise System is the solution. Manage multiple locations from one login. See real time data on each location separately or compare side by side. Track each bottle using state of the art inventory management software and our mobile inventory device. Lower operation costs when utilizing automations and our state of the art hardware.

Areas where RTS Helping wineries

With a winery, you need your point of sale to have retail capabilities as well as hospitality for tasting rooms. Korona shines in each of these categories with one system.

Quality and Testing

In addition to selling wine, the point of sale system has to be able to handle wine tastings. Korona POS can even handle wine clubs, allowing you to continuously serve and engage loyal customers.For tasting rooms Korona POS offers table management and tip payments that many retail-specific POS solutions do not include.

Real Time Decision

Superior reporting modules for real time decision making.Do wine tastings increase sales? Are your customer appreciation events worthwhile? What percentage of your sales are from loyal customers? Korona has the data you need!

Hybrid System

Korona Cloud is a hybrid system with the ability to log in to the cloud from any location, you’re never more than a click away from increasing the profitability of your winery. Your winery POS solution needs to offer all of these features and Korona delivers!