Regardless of your type of retail Korona POS and Cloud are the solution for your Business. From Inventory Management to live real time data Our solution will help you manage your day to day and also build for the future.

Areas where RTS Helping Speciality

The ideal speciality retail shop pos system is called KORONA. Its fast and easy to use checkout and comprehensive inventory tracking enable specialty retail shops to achieve their full potential.

Simple and Fast Sale

Gift buying can be an impulsive purchase. For a gift shop, a simple and fast point of sale fully supports the customers desire to make a quick purchase. After all, gift shops want customers to spend time filling their baskets instead of waiting in line. KORONA helps to accomplish that and much more.


Gift shops typically have a large assortment of small items. It can be hard to keep track of all items in the store. KORONA provides real insight into which items sell and which ones don’t. The best part? Analytics are available immediately on each sale!

Easy Payments

KORONA takes the pain out of collecting payments. Checking out customers is easy and seamless with integrated customer-facing payment terminals.