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We deploy state-of-the-art POS hardware and peripherals from leading vendors.


Some KORONA users have worked with traditional cash registers before switching to KORONA.pos Cloud and others have had experience using a PC based retail POS system.


Customized mobile application to track Customer purchases, Customer Groups, Price Rules, Promotions, Discounts, Customer Cards, Gift Cards, Couponing, Customer pre-orders


We deploy state-of-the-art POS hardware and peripherals from leading vendors. Every business is different, and Retail Technologies has solutions for any size operation.


Our help desk is a resource intended to provide you with information and support for all our products and services.


Regardless of your type of retail Korona POS and Cloud are the solution for your Business.


Gift shops typically have a large assortment of small items. It can be hard to keep track of all items in the store. KORONA provides real insight into which items sell and which ones don’t. The best part? Analytics are available immediately on each sale!


With such a wide variety of products, only Korona can effectively accommodate the retailer’s needs to track the ever-changing inventory stock, maintain accurate sales records, and manage multiple vendors.


KORONA has repeatedly proven itself as the fastest checkout. The first feedback from point of sale users is typically regarding the blazingly fast transaction speed. When it comes to quick service, POS systems speed is probably the most crucial aspect. Slowness at the point of sale doesn’t just cost revenue — it also has a negative impact on your customers’ experience


In addition to selling wine, the point of sale system has to be able to handle wine tastings. Korona POS can even handle wine clubs, allowing you to continuously serve and engage loyal customers.For tasting rooms Korona POS offers table management and tip payments that many retail-specific POS solutions do not include.


Selling as singles and packs for different prices? This can be difficult with most POS systems. KORONA can manage multiple sizes and price options for each item. This makes reordering and inventory management much easier.


Better decision making based on key performance reports, exact sales evaluation for every cashier, no more out of stock items or over stocking, precise foundation for better assortment management, starting promotions anytime anywhere


Retail Technology Services is a Point-of-Sales technology company with over 25 years of experience deploying best-of breed solutions for the retail industry. We are headquartered in Seattle Washington as a retail technology integrator, value added reseller, software developer, and managed service provider. We focus on small and medium size retail businesses with multi-site operations. Our technology brings together POS, mobile loyalty, digital signage, inventory management, and more to provide customizable solutions for each client.  We serve businesses across the country. Retail Technology Services always deliver the highest quality customer experience and support.