Some of the largest retailers are Craft Stores with large inventories to manage. Retailers need a solution that can help them manage their inventory and give them real time data that they can base their decisions on. Korona offers automations that can help keep your operation running efficiently so that you can work on building for the future!

Areas where RTS Helping Craft Stores

The advantages of a POS system over a cash box or a cash register is the sophisticated sales reports it provides and superior cash control. You can analyze sales and performance in many different ways, such as SKU, time periods, promotions, and even by cashier. Single location or multi location, Korona is an enterprise solution that gives your business a competitive edge!

Inventory and Reporting

Whether it's inventory tracking or COGs, Korona cloud delivers real-time data to you no matter where you are. Korona is built to be always connected to you. Want to connect your suppliers through custom integration for ease of access? We have your solution!

Stock Analysis

Better decision making based on key performance reports, exact sales evaluation for every cashier, no more out of stock items or over stocking, precise foundation for better assortment management, starting promotions anytime anywhere

Streamline Operations

Want to cut operating costs? Korona utilizes automations to help streamline operations. Set up order cycles, order templates and auto reorder for those high volume recurring sales items.